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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Shopping Habits That Support Against Animal Cruelty

Animals are one of the most beautiful living creatures on earth. Animals have feelings or emotions and are able to express them in various ways. But when it comes to suffering and cruelty, they are unable to vote, object or speak out against violence, which makes them vulnerable to exploitation. There are many people who really love animals and have a strong desire to protect these living creatures from the cruelty inflicted upon them. Non-profit organisations like Animals Australia help protect our animals and educate people on making choices that will support against animal cruelty. They are very active in promoting kindness towards animals. 

If you are an animal lover, you can help support against animal cruelty by making simple choices whenever you go shopping for groceries or personal care products.

  • Avoid factory-farmed products
  • Choose cruelty-free vegetarian alternatives eg. mock meat
  • Choose egg alternatives eg. powdered egg substitutes
  • Choose dairy alternatives eg. soy milk and rice milk
  • Choose personal care products that are cruelty-free eg. Miessence certified organics 
A good guidance of the various food products that are cruelty-free can be found in here 

The online retailer, Growing Gifts by Miller and Brown, proudly supports Animals Australia by creating a unique range of tree and plant gifts for this organisation. For every product purchased with the Animal Australia swing tag, Growing Gifts would donate 30% to their worthy cause. 

Growing Gifts can be found at One Stop Australian Green Shop. This green shop also includes a variety of eco-friendly, green products, that help save our planet.

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