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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Toxic Chemicals In Personal Care Products

How safe are the ingredients used in your current brand of personal care products?  Are you aware of the potential dangers of toxic chemicals found in personal care products? 

Our skin absorbs more than 60% of what we apply on ourselves. So if products contain toxic chemicals, this will be absorbed into the body. They may be stored in certain places such as bones, fat and liver tissues. They may even stay there for many years and may contribute to certain health problems later on in life. The below animation shows us that dangerous chemicals can be found when we least expect it.

So keep yourself healthy. Consider natural and organic personal care products as an alternative to cheap and nasty chemical-laden products. Your body will love you for it. It is better to spend slightly more on natural and organic personal care products now to avoid potential expensive bills later on trying to fix any health issues that may have been attributed to regular exposure to toxic chemicals from personal care products. You can purchase some natural and organic products here (click me) 

Based on personal experience of using these products, they have made a significant difference in my life. So if you haven't tried them, then I recommend you do so because I believe you will also notice a difference too.

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